Algonquin Hills Improvement Association 

P. O. Box #594, Algonquin,  IL  60102-0594

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 Member of the Algonquin / LITH Chamber of Commerce
Member of National Association of Neighborhoods, National neighborhood  BILL OF RIGHTS

Algonquin Hills ELECTIONS are Wednesday 10/25/2023
at River Bottom Ice Cream in Algonquin.
Please come vote in person or download a ballot and mail or email it to us.

 The 2023 newsletter is on line, to view or print it please click on: newsletter.pdf 

The homeowners association contact may be made via e-mail at, or Committee members can be contacted directly on their phones.

For general information:     Bill (847)658-9354 or e-mail at
e-mail at
Boat launch:                         James (630)881-0203 or e-mail at

Algonquin Hills Calendar of Events


May 1, 2023
Donations for road repair are due.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 7:00 pm Committee meeting,  River Bottom Ice Cream Co. 301 S Main St, Algonquin

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 7:00 pm ELECTIONS! Committee meeting,  River Bottom Ice Cream Co. 301 S Main St, Algonquin


No Meeting, Happy Thanksgiving!


No Meeting, Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

Algonquin Hills subdivision is now on Facebook!
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It is time to pay your 2023 dues
Please mail $40.00 to:
Algonquin Hills, P. O. Box #594, Algonquin,  IL  60102-0594

Village Detour Update:

The roundabout at North Main Street and Cary Road is finished and open.
The sidewalk, bike path, and landscaping will be completed in the spring

Information about the Roundabout at Cary and Main street, as well as other information related to Main and Harrison Streets is at:
The video of the 12/1/2021 meeting presentation is very descriptive.

The Village of Algonquin is planning on Towne Park improvements

Fox Waterways is considering changes to the Fox River north of the dam.
for details and a petition click on


Algonquin Hills committee meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.
Summer meeting at the beach lot, 1335 Lowe Dr. all others are held at the
River Bottom Ice Cream Co. 301 S Main St, Algonquin
(see the calendar above)
Any resident is always welcome to attend.

please let us know to expect you so we can contact you in the event of any last minute changes

Please be involved in your neighborhood.

A map of the subdivision can be viewed at:

Algonquin Hills publishes one newsletter every year with e-newsletter updates if needed.
Please provide us with your e-mail address.
for the current newsletter please click on: newsletter.pdf
for any past issues send us an email and we will email a copy to you.

We are trying to search and  record our neighborhood history.  If you remember anything, or have any photos or anything else we can copy, please contact us.


One of the benefits of Algonquin Hills membership is the use of the picnic lot at 1335 Lowe Dr.
  We have over 800 feet of river frontage with the boat launch at one end, Woodchuck walk at the other end,
and the picnic lot in the center of the block. 

Do you have any new neighbors that might not be on the mailing list yet?

If you have a new neighbor please inform us so we can distribute a gift bag to them

Algonquin Hills welcome letter
Algonquin Hills welcome letter map

Algonquin Township has recycling available for residents, please check their web page for details:
McHenry County Defenders has a recycling drive monthly:

 Referral service:
 If you need any service please call or e-mail us and we will inform you of a qualified person to help you.
If you have a service to offer, baby sitting, pet sitting, lawn mowing, etc. please let us know and we will
add your name to the referral list.

Any businesses in the association that has a current paid membership please e-mail us with your business info and I
will add it to the business directory that is on the web page and gets distributed in the gift bag given to all new home
owners in the Association

An alert branch of Neighborhood Watch is vital to our area. Especially the un-incorporated area that must rely on
The McHenry County Sheriff's Office to respond to any problems,   If you are interested in forming a branch,
or just being a block captain, please call 658-7222 for more information
            For your current representatives in the association click on COMMITTEE
            For a view of the Algonquin Hills Improvement Association
click on HISTORY            

Try these businesses in our association click on AHIA businesses
To view the latest newsletter or any past issues send us an e-mail us and we will send you a copy
If you have a boat and need the use of the launch click on:, then click on "Boat Launch Form"

 Please fill out the form and call James at (630)881-0203 or email  for a key. 
 The Boat launch donation is $35 per year for dues paying residents of Algonquin Hills ONLY.

           Boating information can be found at:

For current and past Neighborhood Watch reports, click on Neighborhood Watch


            If you need any information about the un-incorporated roads e-mail
           If you need any information about the boat launch, contact James at (630)881-0203 or email at  
          For general information please contact Bill at (847)658-9354 or e-mail at


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Elgin Community College,  Bill's local concert hot list

Please be active in your association, we need you to participate.
If you have comments or suggestions, for the association or this web page, please e-mail me,    
just click on the mail box  .mail to